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We would like to acknowledge our fantastic staff that comprises our team dedicated to ensuring your visit is a satisfying one.


Jojie B- Reception

Linda B, RT MA – Injection Room Supervisor

Joy C- Billing Specialist, Assistant Office Manager

Holly G- Medical Assistant

Allie H- Registered Nurse

Martha Harrell – Office Manager, Forever.

Lindsey H- Reception/Front Office Supervisor

Kim K – Medical Assistant

Shirley P- Medical Assistant and Certified Asthma Educator

Barb L- Certified Medical Assistant and Certified Asthma Educator

Katie L, Registered Nurse

Barb S, RN – Injection Specialist

Marlys S- Registered Nurse

Main Office

CS Allergy

3425 Austin Bluffs Pkwy Suite #205
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918

Phone: (719) 592-1365

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South Office

CS Allergy

1235 Lake Plaza Drive Suite #218
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

Phone: (719) 592-1365

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Monument Office

CS Allergy

550 Highway 105
Monument, Colorado 80132

Phone: (719) 592-1365

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