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Patient Testimonials

Jamie (one of our wonderful M.A.s) was terrific! She was super helpful and friendly. – Anon

I am so very thankful that Dr. Caplan treated me, because he figured out that there was something more serious going on with my health than all the other doctors I had seen over the past year and a half. I had been very ill since December 2009. Every month or two I had some sort of infection going on. In January 2010 I saw an ENT specialist for a severe inner ear infection and he said that he didn’t like to use antibiotics unless he had to. Well, that decision ended up costing a lot of the hearing in my right ear. My eardrum ruptured with excruciating pain and another doctor performed ear surgery. I totally lost my hearing for two months, and I now have permanent hearing loss and constant ringing in my right ear. I had bad ear aches for eight months after that, and I kept getting more sinus and respiratory infections which were worse every time.  I saw a total of five specialists who never looked past my ears or could figure out why I had these infections and they never did any tests to figure out what was really wrong. One of the doctors said it was possibly TMJ jaw problems or alleriges, so he gave me an allergy test and said I was allergic to two types of weeds. I decided if I had to have allergy shots or something, I should find a doctor who was closer to my home. Dr. Caplan one day per week, had office appointments further south, so after reading about him online, I went to see him. Thank goodness I did. He redid the allergy tests and confidently said I had NO ALLERGIES, but said he wanted to go further and check my immune system. He was the only doctor who had ever suggested that. His thoroughness quite possibly saved my life; because I found out I have a very serious problem with my bone marrow. All the other specialists and even my primary care physician missed the signs and never pursued things further. Dr. Caplan immediately ordered blood tests and even found a hematologist for me. I am currently under treatment to stabilize my bone marrow. If I had not gone to Dr. Caplan another bad infection could have easily cost my life, because my white blood count and platelets by then had dropped to a very critical level. I have to have blood counts weekly and shots to bring the counts up, but I feel like I now, at last, have doctors who care and are knowledgeable, and I am hopeful that I can be treated and get well. Also, I finally know why I have been sick for so long and I am getting appropriate care because of Dr. Caplan. He is knowledgeable and thorough, and is willing to follow through to get to the true cause of problems. I am so very grateful to him. Again, thank you Dr. Caplan!  – E.C.

This Place is Awesome! People – Staff – Doctors – Everyone is fantastic. Always happy, smiling, and upbeat!! – D.K.

The care here is exceptional. I have always been able to get appointments in a timely manner. Dr. Baswell as picked up on things my primary care doctor missed. All of the providers take time to listen to my concerns and help find solutions. They made the quality of my life improve.

This office is one of the best we have ever been to. Everyone is always nice & very patient and always helpful. We will truly miss everything about this office. Thanks for everything! – R.G.

I was always greeted with a smile and the nursing staff was very friendly and knowledgable. Dr. Caplan takes a lot of pride in his work and it shows. Thanks. – J.R.

It was nice to have a full coversation – one that lasted a long time with Marianne. – M.S.

I would recommend this company to anyone!

Very efficient employees and staff. Dr’s very knowledgeable. Have been coming here over 25 years. – L.L.

I really appreciate Dr. Baswell and Cristina’s thoroughness and that they educated us as we went through the appointment. – D.and M. S.

Dr. Baswell and her staff have been such a gift to my daughter and our whole family. K.S. was always ill, missing school, etc. Her allergies are all under control. She never misses school. She can play outside all day and still have a good night’s sleep. She’s a completely different child since coming here. I would recommend this office to everyone. – C.S.

No concerns. The treatment I have received has always been professional, caring, and friendly. Thank you. – M.M.

I thouroughly enjoyed my appointment today and was very happy to get results and be able to understand more about allergies. You have a wonderful staff, thank-you!! – D.M.

I love this office. Everyone is always very friendly and informative. – M.M.

Thoroughly appreciate everyone here – always highly professional and thorough. – O

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CS Allergy

3425 Austin Bluffs Pkwy Suite #205
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918

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South Office

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1235 Lake Plaza Drive Suite #218
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

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Monument Office

CS Allergy

550 Highway 105
Monument, Colorado 80132

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